"Andromeda" Satin Nickel Frame Mirror by Jonathan Wilner 42" x 42" SALE

$965.00 CAD $495.00 CAD

This awesome design features dozens of small mirrors and a large beveled round mirror in a satin-...
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"Arizona" Mirror Designed by Jonathan Wilner & Paul De Bellefeuille 35" x 35"SALE

$375.00 CAD $335.00 CAD

Reminiscent of the Art Deco era, this spectacular piece is as much art as it is mirror with its w...
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"Big Cat" Silver Leaf Resin Sculpture by Jonathan Wilner 12" x 18.75" x 6.75" SALE

$325.00 CAD $250.00 CAD

This beautiful silver leaf resin "Big Cat" sculpture is the epitome of elegance like the cheetah ...
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"Crocodylus Niloticus" Realistic Faux Crocodile Head Sculpture ON SALE

$140.00 CAD $110.00 CAD

Crafted from polyresin and enhanced with a rich, dark patina, Crocodylus Niloticus is a relic of ...
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"Early Morning" Handpainted Beach Scene on Wood by Mia Archer 40" x40" x 1.5" SALE

$595.00 CAD $365.00 CAD

A beautiful sky lights this dreamy path through the sand leading to an azure blue sea. This work ...
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"Echoes" Handpainted Treescape Ready-to-Hang Canvas Print by Dominic Lecavalier 30" x 60" SALE

$495.00 CAD $450.00 CAD

This handpainted treescape features shades of deep blue, turquoise and soft yellow creating the p...
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"Family Trees" Handpainted Reeady-to-Hang Canvas Print by Dominic Lecavalier 40" x 50" SALE

$625.00 CAD $550.00 CAD

A stand of whimsical trees rendered in hues of blue and earthy browns warms up any space. Handpai...
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"Flutter" Pretty Golden Dress Handpainted on Wood by Nathalie Viens 40" x 30" SALE

$425.00 CAD $315.00 CAD

A flowing golden dress accented by pretty yellow flowers hangs on a rustic red wall blowing softl...
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"Ordered Chaos" Hand-Painted Abstract by Patrick St. Germain 50" x 60" SALE

$725.00 CAD $575.00 CAD

This stunning oversized handpainted work of art draws the eye with its geometric yet chaotic abst...
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"Ouija II" Hand-painted White Trees by Dominic Lcecavalier 39.5" x 39.5" SALE

$425.00 CAD $275.00 CAD

PREORDER THIS BESTSELLER EXPECTED APRIL 2017 The hand-painted snowy white trees on an overcast da...
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"Prominent Few" Hand-Painted Figurative Painting on Gallery-Wrapped Canvas by Claude Viau/Karine 30" x 40"SALE

$325.00 CAD $250.00 CAD

Two haunting hand-painted figures come together on an abstract orange, blue, and grey background ...
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"Public House" Medieval Wood Door Alternative Wall Decor by Stephane Fontaine 30" x 60" SALE

$800.00 CAD $425.00 CAD

Like a door to another world, this piece of alternative wall décor is evocative of another world ...
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"Stratosphere" Mixed Media Three-Dimensional Artwork by Patrick St. Germain 46" x 46" SALE

$750.00 CAD $450.00 CAD

Mounted on a gray background, nine boldly colored plates seek to evoke our own solar system's nin...
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"The Duo" Two Movie Stars Hand-Painted on Gallery-Wrapped Canvas by Mia Archer 25" x 25" x 1.5" SALE

$350.00 CAD $275.00 CAD

Set of two hand-painted pieces on gallery-wrapped canvas embellished with silver and gold glitter...
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"Touch of Gold" Handpainted Abstract Set of Tiles by Giovanni Russo 37" x 37" SALE

$525.00 CAD $295.00 CAD

This product is unavailable

SOLD OUT Shades of electric blues, rich browns and silver leaf combine to make this stunning abst...
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"Urban" Handpainted on Wood by Dominic Lecavalier 31.5" x 31.5" x 2" SALE

$395.00 CAD $325.00 CAD

This urban cool artwork is 100% hand painted on wood with chic metal accents. Each one-of-a-kind ...
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