Canadian Jewelry Designer, Danny Pollak

If, like a moth to a flame, you are drawn to unusual and dramatic jewelry that has more than its fair share of pizzazz, then you’ll love Canadian jeweler, Danny Pollak. Pollak has been designing and making high quality jewelry for more than 35 years. Every handcrafted piece made by this master metalsmith is guaranteed for life; repaired and returned by mail, free of charge. He crafts his pieces in brass; then coats them with rhodium, 24 karat gold, sterling or copper. Swarovski crystals or rhinestones in dynamic colors such as red, orange, purple and lime green are then hand-set into each piece. Most are finished with vintage objets d’art accents.

Pollak’s jewelry is flamboyantly elegant and often outrageous. It takes confidence to wear one-of-a-kind, statement jewelry like this. Part of the Danny Pollak magic lies in the juxtaposition of random and diverse elements like vintage stones nestled amongst new Swarovski crystals, and rhinestones alongside opaque stones. Pollak’s wild imagination, marvelous sense of humor and love of nature and animals is evident in his designs. Among his work you will find dazzling frogs in dresses, flying lizards, swans with glittering chartreuse plumage, a kaleidoscopic bevy of twinkling butterflies, six-legged snakes, shimmering profusions of flowers, colorful birds, bees, dragonflies, acrobatic amphibians and there’s even an elegant monkey queen with a servant!

Preferring to sell directly to his clients, rather than through department stores, Pollak displays his work at shows where he can meet aficionados face-to-face. His booth is a regular star attraction at two of Canada's most prestigious shows for artists, the One-of-a-Kind Christmas Show and Sale and the One-of-a-Kind Spring Show and Sale. Every barrette, brooch, earring, bracelet, necklace, pendant and jewel-encrusted tiara in the collection is an elaborate conversation piece that attracts fashion-conscious people of all ages and persuasions—the hip and trendy crowd, sophisticated ladies in classic suits, punk rockers, grandmothers, and even kids throng around his booth.

Pollak’s cutting-edge, larger-than-life jewelry has also garnered him a celebrity following; fans include actors, Ray Liotta, Kirstie Alley, Keith Richards, and others. Although it looks frightfully expensive, Danny Pollak jewelry is one of life’s affordable little luxuries, starting at only $38 for a luxurious barrette or pair of earrings ranging to over $200 for more intricate designs. Every piece is signed D. Pollak. See Danny's jewelry at Dragonfly and Amber Gallery

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