How to Build a Mourning Dove Shelter

Since we're moving quickly into winter, keep warm by thinking spring. Here's a project that's quick and easy. I'm building several over the winter, ready to install first sign of spring. Hunted to the tune of 18 to 25 million per year for meat and sport, the indomitable mourning dove is a prolific breeder who claims the title of the most abundant and widely distributed bird in North America, boasting a thriving population of around 400 million. Wearing a muted grayish-brown feather-coat, they quietly coo their way into the hearts of millions of backyard birders who delight in hosting this tranquil dove every spring. Dove parents mate for life, and their babies always return to their birthplace. To keep the whole family coming back year after year, offer shelter, a simple nesting cone, food, ample water and lots of brilliant sunflowers. View Article

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