Outdoor Décor & Accents

We are pleased to launch our newest collection, Outdoor Décor & Accents! With Spring just around the corner (yes, we're rushing it along), we wanted to put together some inspiring treasures for you to make your outdoors as charming and beautiful as the indoors. Because we love nature and wildlife, this collection is brimful of gorgeous animal sculptures, bird feeders, bird houses, butterfly houses and more. And there's lots of angels, Buddhas and other elegant statues and figurines to choose fromaswell as benches, stools, wind chimes, and more!
January 03, 2015 by Susan Dorling

"Colonial Days" Embossed Leather Cedar Chest

We are excited about partnering with Novica, in association with National Geographic to bring you beautiful handmade goods from global artists and artisans. This particular item is on our own Wish List. The "Colonial Days" embossed leather cedar chest is just stunning!

Lavishly embellished with floral motifs in rich, tooled leader, this chest evokes colonial elegance. Gorgeous lion's paw feet. Crafted by hand of fragrant cedar wood, it makes a hope chest of extraordinary beauty, or stores linens or keepsakes. The elaborate hardware is wrought in bronze. The Rios Family shows classic style and traditional techniques in creating their beautiful decorative items.

Measurements: 15" H x 32.5" W x 16.25" D, 29.5 lbs.

December 16, 2014 by Susan Dorling

Our Birdhouse Collection

The Christmas CottageWe are adding a beautiful handcrafted line of bird houses to The Phoenix Collection this week. While giving birds a home to raise their young in the Spring, these  wonderful garden accents also lend whimsical elegance to your indoor décor, too!

10 Easy Steps to Make Scented Candles

86503869_XSFrom diminutive votives to colossal pillars, scented candles are among the most universally appealing home décor accents. Whether you’re transforming bath time into a spa experience or creating a warm ambience for entertaining guests, scented candles fill your home with the glorious aroma of vanilla, lilacs or even apple pie, and their softly glowing light enhances every room.

Handmade African Necklaces in Support of the Shanga Workshop

Today, we're adding wonderful African necklaces to The Phoenix Collection.When we first seen these necklaces last year, we contacted the lady who sells them on behalf of the Shanga Group and offered to showcase them in our shop at no cost.
November 10, 2014 by Susan Dorling

How to Build a Mourning Dove Shelter

Since we're moving quickly into winter, keep warm by thinking spring. Here's a project that's quick and easy. I'm building several over the winter, ready to install first sign of spring. Hunted to the tune of 18 to 25 million per year for meat and sport, the indomitable mourning dove is a prolific breeder who claims the title of the most abundant and widely distributed bird in North America, boasting a thriving population of around 400 million.