Wearable Art - Canadian Jewelry Designer, Danny Pollak

With the One-of-a-Kind Christmas Craft Show on the horizon, it fondly brings to mind my career as a jewelry collecting editor for the second largest women's website in the mid-2000s. During my tenure, I wrote about fabulous jewelry and its makers -- including the Canadian jewelry designer Danny Pollak -- interviewed famous designers, learned about gemology and immersed myself into the world of gems.

Inevitably, I began designing jewelry myself and learning how to string beads, then fabricate metal, and finally make chainmaille. I did the craft show circuit, but lately have put that creative outlet on hold to devote my time to The Phoenix Collection. The following article written in 2014, continues to get lots of visitors although the page is no longer a part of any website, so I decided to include it here in our Art & Style blog since jewelry is after all, wearable art.

If, like a moth to a flame, you are drawn to unusual and dramatic jewelry that has more than its fair share of pizzazz, then you’ll love Canadian jeweler, Danny Pollak. Pollak has been designing and making high quality jewelry for more than 30 years. Every handcrafted piece made by this master metalsmith is guaranteed for life; repaired and returned by mail, free of charge. He crafts his pieces in brass; then coats them with rhodium, 24 karat gold, sterling or copper. Swarovski crystals or rhinestones in dynamic colors such as red, orange, purple and lime green are then hand-set into each piece. Most are finished with vintage objets d’art accents.