Animal-Inspired Decor

We are delighted to launch our Animal-Inspired Decor at The Phoenix Collection. 

We have a special place in our hearts for all God's creatures, great and small. As life-long animal advocates; our love, respect and enduring fascination for animals of all kinds has naturally inspired our art and home décor business. 

In keeping with our own personal philosophy that animals are sentient beings and deserve our compassion, respect and protection, we have made the choice to not offer for sale any upholstered furnishings, decorative objects or soft furnishings like throws and pillows, made with animal by-products such as: leather -- including suede, sheepskin, reptile and fish skins, fur, wool, silk, angora, cashmere, animal hair, down or feathers (as in down and/or feather filled pillows), bone, horn or antlers. 
Our Animal-Inspired Decor features exquisitely designed, beautifully crafted and kind options, such as; faux leather (also called vegan or eco-leather, pleather, leatherette, polyurethane) and animal print fabric-upholstered chairs, ottomans, benches and elegant pet beds, and luxurious faux fur pillows and throws. Our decorative objects include all of our animal sculptures and wall plaques, many with faux bone, horns or  antlers and carved in resin, aluminum or clay. 

We are pleased to present this ever-growing collection in celebration of the diverse complexity and incredible beauty of animals. Browse and discover fabulous pieces that will add warmth and pizzazz to your home! Sign up for our Art & Style Newsletter for product updates, special subscriber-only offers and promotions.

We donate $10.00 from the sale of each of the items in this collection to animal welfare organizations. Read more here 

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