Bravo for Cavalia's Odysseo!

My mind is flooded with images of horses today. Everywhere I look, I see them dancing, prancing and running like the wind. I experienced Cavalia’s Odysseo yesterday afternoon. The show is breathtakingly beautiful with a strong focus on the bond between human and horse as well as absolute respect for the horse; really lovely to behold. If only all horses were as treasured as these beauties. For the most part, the horse performers were at liberty with no bits in their mouths.

One of my favorite parts of the show is Elise Verdoncq in a “Le Sédentaire” with a group of untethered Arabians, the epitome of the human-horse bond and a remarkable dressage routine that takes her and a magnificent white horse through the water.

All the horses are listed by name and type of horse in the program and include Arabian horses (several white ones), one Anglo-Arabian, Lusitanos, Spanish purebreds, quarter horses, one paint horse, one Holsteiner, appaloosas, Canadian horses, a Canadian warmblood, an Oldenburg and one Lipizzan. All the human performers are wonderful as well – a  truly stunning spectacle all round; a gorgeous must-see show, especially for horse lovers. Also, the live music was wonderful with two sets of musicians positioned high above the stage accompanying a very talented vocalist.

The stable tour found all the horse stars in their stalls totally tired out, of course. A few were dozing and some were being groomed, but touching them was prohibited. It was nice to see them up close though — all just fabulous specimens in perfect condition with satiny coats and groomed to the nines.

May 11, 2015 by Susan Dorling
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