New Horse Art by Fine Art Equine Photographer Tony Stromberg

Capturing the almost magical spirituality of horses and their grace, strength and beauty, photographer Tony Stromberg's fine art equine photography is awe-inspiring. A successful commercial photographer for over 20 years, Stromberg suddenly found himself disenchanted and unfulfilled, even though he outwardly possessed everything anyone could want. When he connected with horses in the mid-1990s, he recognized their uncanny capacity to teach us about the power of authenticity, honesty and integrity. When he pursued his new path creating photographic equine art, he knew he had found his true calling.


"Fierce Grace" 24" x 30" Framed and Mats Under Glass

"Fierce Grace" moves us to think deeply about the welfare of these exquisite wild animals and the freedom they epitomize. The play of soft-focused light and dark hues enveloping the horse's flowing mane, pert ears and elegant pose produce a work of art that is truly awe-inspiring.

"Into the Light" 24" x 36" Framed and Laminated

You can almost hear the thundering hooves of these horses as they run wild and free, manes flying, across the gorgeous copper-hued landscape amidst the sun's deep golden glow.

February 05, 2015 by Susan Dorling
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