The Art of James Corwin

"Roger-African Rhino" by James Corwin

The Phoenix Collection is proud to present the stunning wildlife art of reknowned wildlife artist James Corwin whose fabulous art is inspired by the animals of the exotic places he visits. You may view his gallery The Art of James Corwin.

The painting featured above is "Roger-African Rhino," one of his most poignant paintings. Although the original has been sold for $5,500 USD, a Limited Edition of only 95 prints are available at The Phoenix Collection in 8" x 10", "16" x 20" or the original size of 24" x 30." Each print is signed and numbered by James and is also offered in an embellished version with paint and texture added by the artist to reproduce the look and feel of the original painting, a truly unique one-of-a-kind work of art.

The story behind "Roger" is indeed heartbreaking. Roger was killed by poachers and his mate critically injured only months after James, on safari in Africa, met him at the game reserve, Jembisa - An African Bush Home. Even though Roger had 24-hour security watching him in the bush and a poisoned horn to deter poachers, they were able to savagely attack him and his wife Rosie, who was pregnant. It is not known whether her baby survived. James  was deeply saddened by the news and has now painted "Roger" and also "In Memory" which was donated to Safari Club International to honour this beautiful rhino's spirit. In 2016, Safari Club International has made James Corwin their spotlight artist. 

Dedicated to not only his art but also wildlife conservation, James is flying down to Africa this week to work at an anti-poaching station and rhino orphanage. For 5 weeks he will be learning all about efforts to end poaching and protect rhinos. It will be an incredible experience for him and he's sure many paintings will follow.

May 06, 2016 by Susan Dorling
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